Services & Commitments

We provide dedicated sales representatives to our customers. Our customer service team are also working closely with our suppliers on all request of documentation, questionnaires, samples, and order lead time.

As a reliable flavor supplier, sampling lead time is always our priority especially for customers who are from R&D. We ensure the shortest lead-time to further enhance R&D efficiency in every project.

We also provide market survey reports of flavor profiles to our customers. This also provide further helps to our customers to understand better about flavor profiles in different regions with different expectations.

Conventionally, customers are entertained by given flavor samples without understanding better what flavor profile they want.

However, we deliver precise samples after each communication with our customers and Baccus team promises to deliver the flavor samples coupled with customer's needs.

In Baccus, we understand each description of our flavors and strive to deliver the most precise taste to our customers.

What's more, we seek professional advices from our suppliers who have experience in the food industries for more than 30 to 100 years.

With each selected flavor profile, Baccus application laboratory provides and delivers the product samples to customers.

Our team strives to minimize trial time for our customers in the first stage selection, directly giving the best solution to our customers.

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