In Baccus, it is not only about taste, it is also about nutrition.


Flavors, coupled with nutrition, can do amazing things for food and body, as they are powerful tools that stimulate appetite, rigor and satisfy taste buds. In Baccus, our customers create an elevated and more enjoyable flavor experience.

Our teams reimagine nutrition at a whole new level, when combined flavors with nutrients. With our technical and creative solutions to address health and nutrition issues, we constantly and consistently create preferred flavors that also enhance consumers' wellbeing. By applying innovative approaches, we have developed partnerships with leading innovators. This enables us to elaborate and take to market flavors to improve the dietary profile of our products.

With our prime focus on nutrition and wellness, Baccus is proud to collaborate with other leading organizations to develop solutions for healthier flavor profiles. We are to sustain the best dietary profiles and continue to innovate and market flavor solutions to the world.

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