Tea Flavors

Both an art and science, our focus is to develop the flavor profiles of different types of tea and apply it into different applications.

Tea is another most widely consumed beverage in the world. Tea has been revered for its bountiful health benefits and therapeutic properties. Spanning over thousand years of history, tea has been sought after by many generations.

Creating tea flavors can be compared to wine making. Tea flavor making is both an art and science, developed over decades of tasting, learning, and experimenting, to producing a perfect cup of tea.

In Baccus, our focus is to develop the flavor profiles of different types of tea and apply it into different applications. With our flavor - friendly techniques, we give results of robust and natural flavor that helps deliver the impact of freshly hand - picked ingredients.

All tea comes from two varieties of the tea plant and they are native to South and Southest Asia, but grown all over the world in tropical and subtropical environments. They are then processed differently and exposed to different levels of oxidation or fermentation.

Therefore, in Baccus, our team collects different kinds of teas, each with their own individual appearance, taste and aroma, and ensure how much a tea is oxidized.After undergoing fermentation, a tea is then reacted with oxygen to produce individual enzyme that produces the fragrance of each tea.

In Baccus, an experienced technical team ensures each tea has their individual personality in the early stage and slowly develop them into different flavor profiles, combined with each expected combination fragrance of our customers, eventually producing the premium quality tea flavor profile.

Quality control over a tea in Baccus is prime focus. Our team will ensure the highest quality of tea profiles delivered to our customers, taking into strict regulation of each stage of tea flavor profile making, including temperature, humidity, sunlight, storage, air flow, compression, leaf quality, nutritional and health benefits.

In Baccus, we guarantee each tea has its own personality.

Tea Flavour
Tea Flavour
Tea Flavour
Tea Flavour

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